Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Could Someone be Looking for You to Give You a Free DNA Test?

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Then go here to see if your surname is listed:

Free DNA tests

From ISOGG Wiki

Free DNA tests are sometimes available to encourage participation in surname projects. Offers are usually restricted to Y-DNA tests with sponsorship being provided by the relevant surname project. Some projects will underwrite the entire cost of a DNA test. Other projects will contribute towards the cost of a test or pay for tests for a limited number of markers. In order to qualify for the offer it is usually necessary to supply a list of your paternal line ancestors for at least three or more generations. A list of currently available sponsorship offers from ISOGG project administrators is given below.
Note that for tests ordered through Family Tree DNA when a third party pays for a test, the person testing first has to agree to the initial test and then to any upgrades to the test. The person who paid also has rights to the results, just not to the DNA. If the tester doesn't want the person or group to have access to the results any more, then that person has to reimburse the entire cost of the test and any upgrades before the person or group is denied access.

Projects offering a free DNA test:

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