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Rockingham NC Records

Matrimony Creek Baptist Church Records ***************************************************************************

I am enclosing a transcription of part of the records of the Matrimony Creek Baptist Church for the Rockingham Co. N.C. Archives. Judy Wright Matrimony Creek Baptist Church-Rockingham Co. N.C. Matrimony Church was once part of the Strawberry Association of Va. and JamesRAY and others from Marribone Baptist Church, Henry Co. Va. came to visit thischurch Feb. 19, 1791. This church is in Rockingham Co. N.C. almost up to the Henry Co. Va. border and almost over to the Stokes Co. N.C. line. This is only a partial listing, records are available at University of N.C. at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, N.C. Sept. 1776 Members: continue here **************************************************************************
The records for this work have been submitted by Judy Wright, unless otherwise indicated. [©1997 All rights reserved] *************************************************************************

Dr. Simpsons Birth Books, Rockingham County, NC

Dr Joseph H. SIMPSON, born Guilford Co. NC, 4 Feb 1838, married Margaret FAUCETT BRANNOCK, widow of Tom BRANNOCK who was killed in the War Between The States. Dr. SIMPSON and his wife Margaret lived their married life in Rockingham Co. He died 4 Feb 1893 at "High Rock"in Rockingham Co. NC, and is buried in the SIMPSON Cemetery in Guilford County. Dr SIMPSON kept two books on the babies that he delivered, which were in Caswell, Rockingham, and Alamance Co. NC. He averaged delivering a baby each month for 32 years. Copied from the Birth Records: Certified by me a Notary Public of Guilford County to be a true and exact copy of births as recorded by Dr. J. Hawkins Simpson. N.E. Green, Notary Public 3-2-74 My Comm. Expires: Feb. 25, 1876
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ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, NC - WILLS - Index, Rockingham Co. N.C. Will Bk. 1 =============================================================== file was contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives by: Judy Wright
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