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Hawkins County Tennessee Archive

View 1795-1930 Chancery Court Index by Plaintiff: pdf Chancery Court Index

Hawkins County Archivist, Jack Goins retired from AFG Industries in 1999 after 37 years of service. In 2000 he published a book “Melungeons and Other Pioneer Families” and was presented the Research Excellence Award from East Tennessee Historical Society for researching the Melungeons and East Tennessee history. In 2004, Goins was appointed County Genealogist on Records Commission by the Hawkins County Commission. In 2005 he was appointed County Archivist and formed a group of volunteers known as Friends of Hawkins County Archive Project. This group was organized to restore the old county records. In 2006 “Friends” was chartered by the State as a non-profit organization and was awarded “Society Of The Year” by the East Tennessee Historical Society.

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The following court cases and indexes are in the Tennessee Archive. Circuit Court records are also available on microfilm.

1795-1930 Circuit Court records - 6,156 cases
1795-1930 Circuit Court Criminal records - 7,032 cases
1820-1915 Hawkins County Elections - 484
1795-1927 Chancery Court records - 5,180 cases
1804-1950 Chancery Court records - 356 cases
1868 Civil War Rebel claims - 81
1788-1930 Various Hawkins County Court records - 4,107 cases
1794-1930 Miscellaneous and misplaced court records - 1,154 cases
1789-1964 Marriages, indexed by both bride and groom - 16,548
1832-1912 Hawkins County road orders - 906
1812-1930 Grand Jury lists - 323
1865-1973 Hawkins County Tax Assessments - 3,572
1813-1930 Hawkins County oaths and bonds - 1,570
1931-1950 Hawkins County Court - 630 cases
1931-1950 Hawkins County Circuit Criminal - 1,541 cases
1787-1974 Hawkins County Wills
1926-1939 Hawkins County School records - 530

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