Saturday, April 19, 2008

Warriors' Path

The Warriors' Path or Trace crossed the Ohio River at the mouth of Cabin Creek in Mason County, Kentucky, below the mouth of the Scioto, where Portsmouth, Ohio, now stands. This Trace ran to the Upper Blue Licks, in Fleming County; thence to Eskippakithiki, which the white settlers later renamed Indian Old Fields, in Clark County; thence up Station Camp Creek, in Estill County, to the Pictured Caves at its head near the mouth of Red Lick Creek; thence through the low hills of Jackson County to the Flat Lick near Barbourville, in Knox County; and thence out of Kentucky through Cumberland Gap, and along the back border of the Carolinas to the Spanish settlements in Georgia and Florida. This was from prehistoric times a major trade route down which went copper, northern furs, and glacial pebbles for making stone axes; and up which came sea-shells, southern plumage, and mica. When Georgia was considered part of Florida, the Spanish had settlements on the coast and gold mines in the interior. At this time the southern end of this trace was where some Shawnees or Savannahs as they were there called, built their towns on the waters of the Savannah River. Here they robbed the Spanish and traded with the South Carolina English for the firearms and edged tools which had become so necessary for their existence. (Lucian Beckner)
Article from Filson Club

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