Tuesday, July 21, 2009

None of these Diseases.......

by Janet Crain

On the Internet you are likely to encounter sites suggesting that Melungeon people or their descendants are prone to several serious diseases. There is no proof of this theory other than anecdotal recounting of personal experiences. In other words, NO PROOF!!!!
This has led to a completely false characterations of Melungeons as sickly and frail in fiction and even non fiction books.
On the contrary these people lived the harsh life of pioneers and still lived to advanced ages. There is no proof that Melungeons even have Mediterranean ancestry, so it seems foolish to include them as subject to acquiring any of these Mediterranean diseases. Could a person of Melungeon descent acquire one of these diseases? Of course, but it would not have anything to do with their Melungeon ancestry.
One contributing factor to this theory is the myth of Drake's Turks which has now been exposed as a vast exaggeration. No large group has been proven to have been dropped off on Roanoke or anywhere else on the Eastern Seaboard. Conditions existing there at the time render the survival chances of any such people nil.
  • Beh├žet's SYNDROME

Machado-Joseph Disease has been removed


The MHS does not endorse the theory of Melungeon diseases.


This article is not intended to provide medical advice or diagnosis. Consult
a medical health professional if you think you might be suffering from a
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Nancy said...

No ONE has ever said that these nor any other illnesses were MELUNGEON DISEASES except the folks in this group. :-) This is their MYTH and its a shame that they are doing this!

AND on the Melungeon DNA mailing list we just AGREED that a Melungeon descendant COULD INDEED have sarcoidosis. Nuff said.

History Chasers said...

Nancy; You misconstrue everything I say.

We also just agreed a Melungeon descendant could get Rabies, but that does not make it a Mediterranean disease. Or that a Melungeon descendant is any more prone to it than the general population. Ditto for Sarcoidosis.

Nancy said...

Janet said I misconstrue everything she says.

That is also a MYTH. I do not. But she continually tries to misconstrue the information that I have posted in various places. She twists my words to suit her own purposes.

Yes, a Melungeon descendant COULD get Rabies and no one ever said Rabies is a Mediterranean disease.
I thought you were just being facetious! I thought that was your way of being funny.

And OF COURSE Melungeons are NOT MORE prone to ANY these illnesses no more so than anyone else. NO ONE EVER said that either. So who misconstrues?

There are NO MELUNGEON diseases, but you just ADMITTED that a Melungeon COULD get Sarcoidosis.

Are you NOW saying that NO Melungeon ever had sarcoidosis and that NO Melungeon ever will?

I'd really like to see you prove this! I have evidence to prove you wrong if you try.

And that Janet is the ONLY thing I have ever said, a Melungeon COULD get sarcoidosis or one of these others things. The Girl Scout motto is BE PREPARED. I am giving information so that people can be prepared. NOTHING ELSE.

I simply provide information for those that need it so that they can get to a doctor and find surcease from their pain.

The fact that you and this group would SACRIFICE the LIFE of one of your grandchildren simply because you FEAR that some of you might lose jobs/insurance amazes me!

I can't even think of a word to describe what this makes all of you.