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Letters concerning murder of Red Bird, John Sevier

Order, 1797 Mar. 19, Tennessee to the sherriff [sic] of Hawkins County, [Tennessee] / John Sevier

author: Sevier, John, 1745-1815 [Tennessee. Governor (1796-1801 : Sevier)]
date: March 19, 1797
extent: 4p
summary: This is an order issued by John Sevier, Governor of Tennessee (1796-1801, 1803-1809) to the sheriff of Hawkins County. Sevier states that he has been informed by the Governor of Kentucky of the murders of two Cherokees committed by Edward Mitchel(l) and John Levingston (also Levinston), both citizens of the state of Tennessee and inhabitants of Hawkins County. In compliance with the demand of Governor Garrard of Kentucky, Sevier commands the sheriff to apprehend the murderers and have them taken to the public jail of Kentucky. He also orders that all civil and military officers aid the sheriff in the capture and transport of the men. This document was signed and sealed on March 19th, 1797.
repository: Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, Tenn.
collection: Governor Sevier

State of Tennessee
To the Sherriff [Sheriff] of Hawkins County

I am just [added: now] informed by an express from the Governor of the state of Kentucky, that a Most Cruel daring and unprovoked murder was perpetrated by Edward mitcheland John Levingston, Citizens of this State And inhabitants of Hawkins county, on two indians [Indians] of the Cherokee Nation(one of the name of red Bird) who was hunting in the state of Kentucky, On the waters of Kentucky river.

The perpetration of [deleted: so] [added: Such [deleted: a] ] horrid and unwarranted [deleted: An] [added: an] Act is contrary to the treaties existing between The united Statesand the indian [Indian] tribes, as also All laws human and divine, and Such aggressions Ought to meet examplary [exemplary] and adequate punishment [deleted: According] [added: Suitable] to the demerit of [deleted: the] [added: their] Crimes, agreably [agreeably] to the laws
they have, so flagrantly and wantonly violated.

In conformity to the demand made by his Excellency the Governor of the State of Kentucky, and Agreably [Agreeably] to an act of Congress in such Cases made and provided: I do hereby command you, to take the Aforesaid Edward Mitcheland John Levingston, or either of them if to be found in your County, and them or either of them Safely and Securely to convey Unto the public Jail of Kentucky, then and there, them or either of them, you are to deliver unto the keeper thereof.

In order that you may be the better enabled to apprehend, take, and convey the said Edward mitcheland John Levingston, or either of them as aforesaid, you are hereby impowered [empowered] to apply to, and call upon, Any officer or officers, either Civil or Military Within this State, to furnish you with Such gaurd [guard] or Gaurds [Guards],
 as may be adequate and necessary for the purpose of taking, and Safely conveying them, to the public Jail of Kentuckyas aforesaid. I also command And enjoin that all officers [deleted: both] Civil and military, [deleted: to] be aiding and assisting in having the aforesaid Edward Mitchelland John Levingstonapprehended And taken in order [added: that] they may be dealt with as the law in such Cases may direct.

Given under my hand and seal in Knoxvillethis 19th day of March 1797

Signed By the Governor
[Signed] John Sevier

Sheriff Hawkins county
19th March 1797

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