Monday, December 19, 2011

Social Security Info for the Deceased Now Highly Restricted

 This new move is going to make it much harder to do genealogy research. JC

Social Security Administration extends FOIA restriction to 100 years

Unfortunately, it’s now official.  I have been ordering Social Security applications for several decades, and have found them especially valuable over the last decade for assisting with my Army cases.  A few years ago, I noticed that they were starting to block out names of parents on the applications – which is very unfortunate since that’s the primary reason for ordering them.  Still, the restriction seemed to pertain to applications for those born from 1940 or so on, and the explanation was that their parents could still be alive.  So though I wasn’t keen on it, I could understand the logic.
 But recently – without any announcement – the Administration extended the restriction to 100 years – that is, 100 years from the birth of the applicant, so you can now only obtain this record in an unaltered state for those born prior to 1912.
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