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The Melungeons: The Pioneers of the Interior Southeastern United States 1526 - 1997

The Spanish Pioneers in United States History: The Melungeons: The Pioneers of the Interior Southeastern U. S. 1526-1997 (The Spanish pioneers in United States history)

by Eloy J. Gallegos

Dr. Gallogos stated (p.79) that, "Overall, I believe the gene frequency approach taken to resolve Melungeon origins is the best available given the limited funding and time available for the project, however, it is equally important to support gene frequency studies with historical, cultural, linguistic, and archaeological information which might be obtained from the Melungeon group. Finally, a study of human values, traits of this group...etc, world-view, religious aspirations, motivational traits, eccentric andhabitual behavior, and idiosyncrasies could be used in support of establishing Melungeon origins when compared to other world population groups."

A perfect match meaning that a person is to be considered absolutely pure blooded, would equal 0.000. I beleive that the most distant match indicating no connection whatsoeverwould be 0.999.

p. 80 Table giving the Mean Measure of Divergence (MMD) of Melungeons from Other Populations taken from a 1990 study byJames L. Guthrie.

Libya (Tripoli*) 0.017
Cyprus (Toodos-Greek) 0.017
Malta* 0.018
Canary Islands (Spanish) 0.019
Italy (Veneto) 0.022
Close Matches
Portugal 0.024
Italy (Trentino) 0.026
Spain (Galacia) 0.027
U. S. Whites (Minnesota)+ 0.028
Ireland# 0.029
Italy 0.030
Sweden 0.030
Libya (minus Fezzan) 0.030
Germany 0.031
Britain 0.031
Greece 0.032
Netherlands 0.032
Wales 0.033
Corsica 0.034
France 0.035
Spain 0.036
U. S. Whites 0.036
England 0.040
Sicily 0.040
Iceland 0.041
Northern Ireland 0.042
Finland 0.046
Sardinia 0.051
Turkey 0.053
Cyprus 0.058
U.S. Blacks 0.189
Most Distant
Gullas (Blacks South Carolina) 0.222
Seminole, Oklahoma 0.241
Cherokee 0.256
Seminole, Florida 0.308

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