Sunday, June 1, 2008

Vardy Community Historical Society Spring Celebration is Next Sat. June 7th

Next Saturday, the Vardy Community Historical Society will hold their spring celebration at the Church/Museum from 11 am to 4 pm. Lunch is from noon to 1, and they have music, an old tractor show, apple butter making, and so on. The Melungeon Historical Society will have a table there. Becky Nelson and helpers will be there with a table, a banner, information handouts about MHS, and applications for membership. Everyone is invited.


The Melungeon Historical Society was formed early in 2008 by a group
of Melungeon researchers and descendents to collect and preserve
historical records that pertain to the Melungeons and/or their
kinfolks and descendents.

MHS will use documented family genealogy, documented historical
research and documented DNA research conforming to recognized
professional and scholarly standards to compile and prepare records,
to establish and maintain a website and/or blog to keep members
informed, and to sponsor and encourage educational meetings,
gatherings, lectures, and activities in genealogy and history. The
Melungeon Historical Society will be a membership organization, and
those interested in joining should contact Becky Nelson at

Applications for membership will be reviewed by our Membership
Committee and upon acceptance and dues paid, (check or Money order
only, payable to MHS, please do not send cash) members will be
entitled to newsletters, the latest information on Melungeons, a list
serve chat group, discounted or no fees for programs, voting and
nominations for the 2 at-large members of the board. Dues will be due
at 1 year intervals. If an application is not accepted, the
check/money order will be returned. Members are encouraged to send
documented charts of Melungeon family lines, on which you can furnish
data along with your application, data submitted will become the
property of the society for the intent of publication.

We look forward to a new era in Melungeon research and welcome all
who share our desire to preserve our Melungeon heritage.

Wayne Winkler
MHS President

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