Sunday, June 20, 2010

Melungeon Historical Society Conference 2010 in Pictures!

At our Conference this year I learned several things. First I learned that Lib and Tam are indeed kindred spirits for me, what a great time we had! I learned that Mayor Greg Marion of Sneedville is a very nice man, noticed that Dr. Scott Collins is as handsome as ever :), that Dr. Richard Carlson not only likes to research but he likes to share his notes, thanks to him for that. Roberta (Bobbi) Estes can surprise me with new information on DNA when I hear her speak, even though I talk to her several days a week. I found that panel discussions can be fun, and that Kathy James really knows her Collins' and Gibsons' genealogy and is successfully sorting them out with DNA testing. I learned that Bob Davis knows as much about his kin as anyone I know! Kevin Mullins has a great speaking voice and gave a most interesting observation on his Mullins' and Mahala. Jack Goins found a new later Stony Creek record that had also been transcribed but by a different person and it does indeed say the word "Melungin."
Thanks to all these people for their hard work in making this 2010 Conference a great sucess!
Hope you enjoy the pictures.
Penny Ferguson

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