Friday, June 10, 2011

FREE Small Books History Genealogy

Here is a listing of the free small books available for download on this site.

This is a commercial site and you need to go to the "Free Small
books"  in the middle of the page and click on the "here" to connect to the site.

Hope this helps some one in their research.

Free Books In Gallery:

GA:     History of Crisp Co. DAR  1916

 History of Washington Co. by Ella Mitchell, 1924

Ky: History of Russellville & Logan Co. by Finley

Old Kentucky Deeds: Lincoln Co. 1779-1787
Old Kentucky Deeds: Fayette Co. 1782-1794

N.C.     Marriage Bonds of Tryon County NC from 1769-1870.
Friends Records of Births and Deaths, Cane Creek, NC

     St. Bartholomew?s Parish, NC

     Bertie Co. Wills (1795-1840 abt.) NCHGR

     Bertie Co. Marriages 1762-1834 (1809-1819 missing)

S. C.     Annals and Parish Register of St. Thomas - St. Denis SC

     St. James Church, Goose Creek, SC 1706-1909

     Marriage Notices in SC & American General Gazette

     Chronicles of St. Mark?s Parish Santee Circuit
Williamsburg  Township, SC.

      French & Swiss Protestants in Charleston the Santee,
                 Naturalization Records 1695-96

    Vestry of St. Matthew?s Parish, SC   1769-1838

    History of Grandal Shoals (Cherokee & Union Co., SC

    History of Fairfield Co., SC  by Ederington

    The Parish of  St. Michael, SC

     South Carolina in the Rev. War. by A. Southron

Tenn.     History of Overton County, Tenn. by Goodpasture.

    Reminiscences of Early Settlements & Settlers of
McNairy Co.,  Tenn. by Gen. Marcus Wright

Va.       Lunenburg County, Va. Wills 1746-1825

   Frederick Parish, Va. 1744-1780, Churches, Chapels, etc.

   Revolutionary Soldiers and Sailors for Northampton Co.,VA

   Virginia Wills Before 1799 by Wm. M. Clemens

    Historical Sketches of ?Old Bruton Church?

Williamsburg, Va.

    Williamsburg Wills  Abt. 1750-1825

    Old Surry, Va.

     History of Hampton & Eliz. City Co. Va.  Tyler 1922

     Scotch-Irish in the Valley of Virginia by Waddell

Penn.     Penn. Marriages Prior to 1799

W.Va    History of Marion Co., W. VA.  by Geo. A. Dunnington

Sketches of Wood Co. W. VA  by S. C. Shaw

S-I         Scotch-Irish in America by Dinsmore

     Scotch-Irish in the Valley of Virginia by Waddell

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