Sunday, October 20, 2013

Genealogy Sites on Pinterest

If you haven't checked out Pinterest lately for Genealogy sites, you really should do so now.

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Nancy Chisum said...

I was wondering if you could tell me anything about the Rootsweb Melungeon List. There are several of my ancestors on it and I was curious as to who compiled this list and where they arrived at the information. One of my ancestors listed was I18826 William Norwood Gates M 20-Feb-1818 19-Sep-1903. Any information would be greatly appreciated

Historical Melungeons said...

Nancy; These Rootsweb lists are user submitted and not especially trustworthy. I have not seen this particular list, but I have seen unreliable information on Rootsweb lists. Such as badly transcribed cemeteries, etc. We were unable to get one removed even though my cousin had also uploaded a perfect list. The original submitter would have to remove it we were told.

The best way to learn about Melungeons is to read Pat Spurlock's books and Jack Goins, Wayne Winkler's, and the report issued in 2012 by Roberta Estes, et al.

Historical Melungeons said...
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Historical Melungeons said...

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