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Pioneer Soldiers, 1778 to 1781

Lewis Collins, in his wonderful history of Kentucky, has aided us greatly in piecing together the names and locations of our earliest settlers in Kentucky. Kentucky did not reach statehood until 1792, but even while we were still a part of Virginia, the hearty pioneers were blazing out trails into this wonderful commonwealth. According to Collins, the following is a “large portion of those who were enrolled as pioneer soldiers of Kentucky.” Some name were spelled incorrectly. Captain Joseph Bowman’s Company 24 January 1778. Located at Harrodsburg and neighboring stations: Jos. Bowman, Capt., Isaac Bowman, Lt., Abr. Keller, 2nd Lt., Dan. Dust, Sgt., James Bentley, Wm. Berry, Ed. Bulger, Nathan Cartmell, Henry Chrisman, Thomas Clifton, Jacob Cogar, Peter Cogar, Patrick Doran, Henry Funk, Philip Harbin, Henry Honaker, Elijah Huston, Abr. James, Isaac Kellar, George King, George Livingston, Philip Long, Isaac McBride, Robert McClanahan, Chas. McGlack, Alex. MyIntyre, Abraham Miller, George Miller, Wm. Montgomery, Barney Morter, Edward Murray, Joseph Pendergrast, Michael Pendergrast, Thos. Pendergrast, Thos. Perry, Henry Prather, John Setser, Michael Setser, Joseph Simpson, Wm. Slack, Jacob Spears, Samuel Stroud, H. Vance, Barnaby Walters. Those shown as deserters were: James Gonday, Samuel Dust, Wm. Berry and Zeb Lee. Total of 48.
Captain Benjamin Logan’s Company, in now Lincoln County at or near Logan’s Station, ca 1779: Capt. Benjamin Logan, Lt. John Logan, Ensign Alex. Montgomery, Ensign Azariah Davis, Sgt. Benj. Pelton, Sgt. Wm. Menifee, Sgt. Roswell Stevens, Sgt. George Clark. Robt. Barnet, Wm. Barton, Samuel Bell, Arthur Blackburn, Alex. Bohannon, John Bohannon, Benj. Briggs, Samuel Briggs, James Brown, John Canterbury, Caspar Casener, Wm. Casey, John Castillo, Pierce Castilio, Philip Conrad, Azariah Davis, Samuel Deason, Ogden Devers, Ben. Drake, Isaac Drake, John Drake, Jonathan Drake, John Ealor, Chas. English, Stevens English, John Fain, Bartholomew Fenton, George Flinn, Lee Garrett, John Gibson, Richard Glover, John Grimes, Wm. Grimes, Jacob Gunn, David Hawkins, Jacob Herman, Roger Hines, Stephen Haston, John Johns, James Johnson, John Jones, John Kennedy, James Knox, Hugh Leeper, James Leeper, Wm. Logan, Thos Loveledd, Joseph Lusk, John McCormick, John McElhon, James McElwain, John McKaine, Archibald Mahone, James Menifee, Jarrett Menifee, Joseph Menifee, John Martin, Joseph Martin, Samuel Martin, James Mason, Samuel Mayes, Andrew Miller, Henry Miller, Wm. Miller, David Mitchell, Wm. Mitchell, Alex. Montgomery, John Montgomery, Wm. Montgomery, Wm. Neal, Wm. Patton, Samuel Phelps, Wm. Phelps, Chas. Philips, John Philips, Nich. Proctor, Sr., Nich. Proctor, Jr., Chas. Runsle, James Russell, Julius Sanders, Alex. Sinclair, George Scott, John Story, John Summers, Arch. Thomason, Nicholas Tramel, Philip Tramel, George White, Wm. Whitley. Total: 99.
Wm. Harrod’s Company, 1780, at the Station near the Falls, in now Jefferson and Shelby Counties. Capt. Wm. Harrod, Lt. James Patton, Ensign Ed. Balger, Peter Balance, Alex. Barr, James Brand, John Buckras, A. Cameron, Amos Carpenter, Sol. Carpenter, Benj. Carter, Thomas Carter, Reuben Case, Thomas Cochran, John Conway, John Corbley, John Crable, Robert Dickey, Daniel Driskill, Isaac Dye, John Eastwood, Samuel Forrester, Joseph Frakes, Samuel Frazee, John Galloway, Wm. Galloway, James Garrison, Joseph Goins, Isaac Goodwin, Samuel Goodwin, James Guthrie, Daniel Hall, Wm. Hall, John Hatt, Evan Henton, Thomas Henton, A. Hill, Andrew Hill, Samuel Hinck, Fred. Honaker, Joseph Hughes, Rowland Hughes, Michael Humble, John Hunt, Abram James, John Kenny, Val. Kinder, Moses Kuykendall, John Lewis, John Lincant, Samuel Lyon, Pat. McGee, Samuel Major, Amos Mann, Edward Murdoch, John Murdoch, Richard Morris, Wm. Morris, Wm. Oldham, John Paul, George Phelps, Joseph Phelps, Samuel Pottinger, F. Potts, Reuben Preble, Urb. Ranner, Benj. Rice, Reed Robbins, Thos Settle, Wm. Smiley, Jacob Speck, John Stapleton, James Stewart, James Stewart, Daniel Stull, Miner Sturgis, Peter Sturgis, James Sullivan, Wm. Swan, Joseph Swearingen, Samuel Swearingen, Van Swearingen, Robt. Thorn, John Tomton, Bev. Trent, Thos. Tribble, Robert Tyler, Abr. Vanmetre, Michael Valleto, Joseph Warford, James Welch, Abram Whitaker, Aquilla Whitaker, Jacob Wickersham, Ed. Wilson. Total: 96.
Captain John Boyle’s Company, 1 April 1780, at stations near and or on Dick’s River, in now Garrard, Lincoln and Boyle counties: Capt. John Boyle, Lt. Samuel Davis, Ensign Elisha Clary, Sgt. Barney Boyle, Sgt. Jonathan Marshall, Jacob Anderson, James Anderson, Thomas Arbuckle, James Coyle, Wm. Crawford, James Davis, Robert Desha, Dennis Diven, Owen Diven, Hugh Galbreath, Evandon Gordon, Peter Higgins, John Hicks, Wm. Hicks, Sr., Wm. Hicks, Nathan McClure, Wm. Marshall, Basil Maxwell, Wm. Menifee, Wm. Mitchell, Robert Moore, Samuel Moore, Nehemiah Poore, John Poynter, James Reeves, Wm. Rowan, John Vardeman, Alex. Walker, Wm. Whitley, John Wilkinson, Wm. Young. Total: 36.
Captain John Holder’s Company, 10 June 1779 – in now Madison County, at and near Boonesborough: Capt. John Holder, Uriel Ark, Thos. Bailey, Bland Ballard, John Baughman, G. Michael Bedinger, James Berry, James Bryan, James Bunten, John Butler, John Callaway, Elijah Collins, Josiah Collins, Wm. Collins, John Constant, David Cook, Wm. Coombs, Wm. Cradlebaugh, John Dumpord, James Estill, Edmund Fear, David Gass, Stephen Hancock, Wm. Hancock, John Hawiston, Wm. Hays, Jesse Hodges, Jeremiah Horn, Robert Kirkham, Samuel Kirkham, John Lee, Charles Lockhart, John McCollum, Wm. McGee, Ralph Morgan, Wm. Morris, James Perry, John Pleck, Samuel Porter, Nicholas Proctor, Reuben Proctor, Pemberton Rollins, Hugh Ross, Bartlett Searcy, Reuben Searcy, John South, Sr., John South, Jr., John South, younger, Thos. South, Barney Stagner, Jacob Stearns, John Stephenson, Bennoi Vallandigham, John Weber, Daniel Wilcoxson, Moses Wilson. Total: 56.
Captain Isaac Ruddle’s Company 1779-890 at Ruddles and Martin’s stations, near now Cynthiana. Capt. Isaac Ruddle, Lt. John Haggin, Ensign John Mather, Quartermaster Joseph Isaacs, Sgt. John Waters, Andrew Baker, George Baker, Andrew Bartle, John Bird, George Bronker, Caspar Brown, Reuben Boughner, John Burger, Sr., John Burger, Jr., Peter Call, Leonard Croft, Wm. Dehlinger, David Ederman, Thos. Emory, Paul Fishes, George Hatfall, John Hatton, Jacob Leach, Sr., Edward Low, George Loyl, Henry Loyl, Peter Loyl, Thomas Machen, Wm. Marshall, Chas. Munger, Wm. Munger, Sr., Wm. Munger, Jr., Andrew Pirtenbustle, Henry Pirtenbustle, H. Pirtenbustle, Jr., Len. Pirtenbustle, Peger Rough, George Ruddell, Stephen Ruddell, James Ruddle, Patrick Ryan, Wm. Sandidge, Wm. Scott, John Smith, Sr., John Smith, Jr., James Stuart, Frederick Tanner, Martin Tuffelman, Moses Waters, John Cloyd, Drummer. Total: 50.

Captain Squire Boone’s Company, 23 June 1780 – partial list, stationed at “Painted Stone,” near now Shelbyville. Capt. Squire Boone, Alex. Bryant, John Buckles, Richard Cates, Chas. Doleman, John Eastwood, Joseph Eastwood, Jeremiah Harris, John Henton, Abraham Holt, Morgan Hughes, Evan Kenton, John McFadden, John Nichols, Peter Paul, John Stapleton, Robert Tyler, Abraham Vanmeter, Adam Wickersham, Jacob Wickersham, Peter Wickersham, James Wright, George Yunt. Total: 23. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Pioneer Soldiers


Anonymous said...

Is the woman in the photo under "Ancestor Approved Award" identifiable? I believe a friend of mine has a piture with this same woman in it along with a man. We have been trying to identify it and I happened across this.
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Thank you.

Leslie Ann said...

The woman in the ancestor approved award is my 3rd great-grandmother, Mary Edwards who married Joseph White, George Cannon, and then Charles Barber Taylor. You can read about her here =>