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Arlene Eakle's Virginia Genealogy Research Notebooks pt. 2

Arlene Eakle’s Virginia Genealogy Research Notebooks pt. 2:

Now you can get extra help with your Virginia genealogy research using these aids collected by and used daily by Dr. Arlene H. Eakle. Maps, little-known name lists, migration patterns, record checklists, jurisdiction facts, source collections, surname lists by locality–aids that will shorten your prep time and ensure that you find your hard-to-find ancestors.


V: Map: Land Claimed by the Indiana Company. Land Speculations–Assets for Quick Return. Indiana Company Accounts. A Select Guide to the Manuscript Court Records of Colonial Virginia. Court Chart for Virginia. Maps: Virginia in Context, Virginia Migration from Tidewater Settlements, Gloucester County Churches, Mitchell’s Map of North America 1775: Virginia Section. Soldiers at the Battle of Point Pleasant. West Augusta: Research in Virginia’s District of West Augusta. Original Map of District of West Augusta, West Augusta and Ohio Valley Surnames–An Alphabetical List. Maps: French Occupation of Ohio Valley, Western Land Cessions 1780-1802, Western Parts of Colony of Virginia. Muster Rolls–Frontier Defense on the Upper Ohio 1777-1778.

VI: The One Hundred Wealthiest Men in Virginia. The First Residents of Jamestown. The History of Virginia from Its First Settlement to the Present Day. Map: Virginia. Names of the Adventurers for Virginia As They Were in the Year 1620. Virginia Genealogy Resources: The Antient Press, Jeannette H. Austin, Marian Dodson Chiarito, Genealogical Books in Print, Amelia C. Gilreath, Iberian Publishing Company, Peggy S. Joyner, Mrs. John C. Mullins, Rocky Ridge Press, Shenandoah History, T. L.C. Genealogy.

VII: Virginia Colonial Censuses. Virginia Censuses and Indexes. Virginia Census Information by County. Virginia Churches. Ages of Lower Norfolk County People. Potomack Company: Workmen at the Great Falls, 1786-87. Virginia Sources. Early War Records. Virginia Military District Records. Southside Virginia Publications. Genealogical Research in Virginia: A Migrational Approach.

VIII: Map: Historic Virginia: Counties, County seats, Cities. Historic Virginia: “The Mother State of the Nation:” General Description of Virginia, Names–County situated and Population of 217 Virginia Towns and Cities. Records Lost in Virginia Counties, Benjamin R. McBride. Separate Jurisdictions. County Tax Lists: Personal Tax List: Fayette County (now part of Kentucky), 1787, Land Tax List of Charles City County, 1787, Land Tax List of Campbell County, 1782, Land Tax List of Westmoreland County, 1782, Land Tax List of King and Queen County, 1787, Land Tax List of King George County, 1782, Personal Tax List: Fayette County, 1788. List of the Original Members of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Virginia. Virginia Stations: Place Description, Date. Map: The Colonial Churches of Spotsylvania and Caroline Counties, George Carrington Mason. Virginia Censuses and Indexes.

IX: New Sources for Virginia Research: Online Virginia Resources, New Resources for Virginia Research. Map: Enrico County Virginia. Heads of Families–Virginia Tax Rolls Used as Substitute Census, 1790. Personal Property Taxes on Microfilm, Library of Virginia. Land Taxes on Microfilm, Library of Virginia. Virginia County Marriage Records. Map: A New and Accurate Map of Virginia and Maryland From Surveys, Eman Bowen. Virginia Land Records in Kentucky and Ohio: Richard Clough Anderson Collection. How to Find Your Property on the Ground. References Bibliography. Pioneer Possessions: A Study of Wills and Appraisals of Southwest Virginia, 1745-86: A Review. Virginia County Records. Why Genealogies are Important. Why County and Local Histories are Important. Using the Virginia Historical Index. Computer News from Virginia. Burned Counties, Lost Records, and Substitute Evidence. Newly Discovered Records for Virginia. Abridgment of all the Public Acts of Assembly of Virginia, 1759–Counties, County Courts, Ferries, Parishes, Inspectors’ Notes: Tobacco Warehouses, Papists, Soldiers. Map: Colonial Gloucester. VIRGINIA: Contents. Virginia Genealogy: Sources and Resources.

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