Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dennis Maggard's Resignation from MHA Letter

I want it on the public record and in the archives of this list that I have severed my ties with the MHA. My letter to the MHA president, SJ Arthur, is appended below.


Feb. 4, 2008

Ms. SJ Arthur, President

The Melungeon Heritage Association

Wise, Virginia

Re: My Status as an MHA Consultant

Dear Ms. Arthur,

As you doubtlessly know, two and a half weeks ago it came to light that Turkey has been claiming for quite some time that the MHA is lobbying US politicians on its behalf in support of its on-going efforts to deny and cover up the genocide it conducted against the Armenian people, and others, in 1915 and the years following. I was appalled to discover that the Turks were using the MHA's name -- and, by association, my name as an MHA consultant -- on behalf of any political purpose, let alone one so morally reprehensible.

As you also doubtlessly know, this matter was immediately brought to the attention of MHA vice-president Wayne Winker who assured me that no such lobbying effort on behalf of Turkey had taken place, and I assumed the MHA would speedily act to set the public record straight and to restore its good name, and mine. Unfortunately, however, the MHA response to date has not been nearly as clear, vigorous or timely as I expected.

Therefore, in all good conscience, I cannot continue my association with the MHA and must ask that my name be removed forth with as an MHA consultant, and that my name also be stricken from the MHA's membership roll.


Dennis Maggard

(posted with permission)

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Anonymous said...

it takes a big man to do what you did , I am an Armenian American and I could tell you that denial of what happen in 1915 doesn't make it go away